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Q: Why do you use raw milk? Is it safe to eat?
A: Using raw milk in cheese gives it a creamier texture and sharper flavor. When raw milk is used in cheese, the natural fermentation process that occurs during aging causes the milk to become pasteurized.

Q: What does Boerenkaas mean?
A: Boerenkaas is a Dutch word meaning farmer’s cheese, given to our raw milk aged gouda.

Q: What does aging do to the cheese?
A: When cheese is aged, the ingredients promote a chemical reaction that changes the texture, flavor, and aroma of the original ingredients.

Q: What makes each type of cheese unique?
A: When making cheese, factors such as as culture, temperature, time, and extra ingredients change what type of cheese is made. Along with this, different cheeses are also cut, pressed, and aged differently and in different conditions.

Q: Once the cheese is opened, how long will it last?
A: When the cheese is still sealed, a best by date on the back shows that it will last unopened for up to six months. While it differs depending on the type of cheese, most will last at least one month refrigerated once opened. Cheese curds will last one week from opening, and Brie is good for about three weeks after purchase.

Q: Can you eat the outside of the hard-rind cheeses?
A: Yes; the aged rind forms from layers of olive oil and vinegar, and harden over time.