Our Cheese

Walk through the cheese-aging room at Willamette Valley Cheese and you’re likely to find a number of these savory selections nearing perfection. We are proud to make distinctively fresh, smooth and uniquely flavorful varieties of artisan cheeses. For fresh, natural products and hand-crafted the old-fashioned way, give our award-winning cheese a try.

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Creamy Havarti
Taking home top honors from the American Cheese Society more than once, our Havarti is perfectly aged to maintain its creamy texture. The many different seasoned and spiced Havartis are deliciously mild and extremely flavorful. Some of these flavors, such as the Cranberry and Blueberry Havarti, will only be available for a limited time. This is because some of the ingredients we use to flavor the cheeses are seasonal, and we are unable to keep them year-round.
Varieties include: Creamy Havarti, Aged Havarti, Blueberry Havarti, Cranberry Havarti, Dill Havarti, Garlic Pepper Havarti, Herbe de Provence Havarti, Horseradish Havarti, Jalapeno Havarti

Eola Jack
Our Jack cheese, named for the Eola Hills in Salem, is buttery smooth and wonderfully versatile. Blended with jalapeno peppers or plain, it is sure to please any palette.
Varieties include: Eola Jack, Garlic Pepper Jack, Jalapeno Jack

Famed Best of Class at the ’05 US Championship Cheese Contest, our Brindisi Fontina has a slightly salty complex flavor with bite! Named after our mother’s Italian roots, this hard cheese, much like her, irresistible.
Varieties include: Fontina, Smoked Fontina, Brindisi (aged Fontina), Raw Milk Brindisi

Our award-winning Gouda is slightly nutty with a subtle sweet finish and aged a minimum of four months. With our heritage tracing back to Holland, we pride ourselves in still making our Gouda the traditional way and believe it would make the Dutch masters proud! Unequaled in character, our Gouda definitely blends our craft of artisan cheese making with our interest in exploring the taste sensations of Oregon’s bountiful harvest.
Varieties include: Gouda, Aged Gouda, Cumin Gouda, Pinot Crush Gouda, Smoked Gouda, Boerenkaas (Raw Milk Aged Gouda), Chive & Smoked Black Pepper Gouda

We pride ourselves in making a perfectly aged Cheddar, while maintaining a smooth and creamy texture.
Varieties include: Aged Cheddar, Smoked Aged Cheddar, Chipotle Cheddar, Raw Milk Cheddar, Greek Cheddar, Smoked Garlic Cheddar, Garlic Pepper Cheddar, Coffee Cheddar, Cheddar Cheese Curds

Specialty Cheeses
We love what we do, and continue to add to our wide variety of cheeses. A few additional crowd-pleasers that can be found in our tasting room are brie and cheddar curds. Whether looking for the perfect snack or a key ingredient to your favorite recipe, our cheese is an excellent place to start!
Varieties include: French Prairie Brie, Cheddar curds,Garlic Pepper curds and Chipotle curds.