Our Story

Cows and dairy are a family tradition dating back generations to Holland. While we no longer have our own herd of cows, we are happy to be working with a local dairy which allows us to make all of our cheeses from a single source of milk. We worked hard to find a dairy herd that produces high quality milk to maintain the excellent cheeses our customers are accustomed to.

While our surroundings may look different, we’re staying focused on what’s always been important to us: making great cheese and continuing to support our community. We’re proud to be a local business making local cheese and utilizing local milk. Come visit us in the heart of wine country in the Willamette Valley, and meet the local people who are committed to making the best cheese available for your enjoyment.

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The raw Jersey milk used at our plant is pasteurized on-site to ensure award-winning freshness and flavor. Add this practice to time-honored recipes coming from our Dutch roots, innovative techniques, and imaginative flavors that blend our interest in art and science and you have the very essence of Willamette Valley Cheese Company. Our dedication to artisan cheese making for your enjoyment has never been stronger!