Our Story

Cows and dairy are a family tradition for us. Our dairy farm is nestled in the lush countryside of Salem, Oregon, in the heart of wine country. This is where our hand-crafted, artisan cheeses are thoughtfully created. While our family has been dairy farming for many generations in Holland, our dairy family heritage in the United States dates back to 1962. After making batches of cheese in our basement for years, we started Willamette Valley Cheese Company, with the belief that our customers deserve quality cheeses, which begins with quality milk and sustainable farming practices. We are proud to be one of the first farmstead cow’s milk cheese made in Oregon, which means we milk our own cows and make it into creamy, delicious, cheese the same day.

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The raw Jersey milk produced at our farm is pasteurized on-site to ensure award-winning freshness and flavor. Our cows enjoy home-grown sustenance and are treated like one of the family. Add this practice to time-honored recipes coming from our Dutch roots, innovative techniques and imaginative flavors that blend our interest in art and science and you have the very essence of Willamette Valley Cheese Company. Our dedication to artisan cheese making for your enjoyment has never been stronger!